Aluminium Flat
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Rolled aluminum products are created for a wide variety of aluminum products with applications across a range of industries. From plain aluminum sheet for construction and transportation industries to packaging products for food and beverage products, its uses are countless.


Corrugated Aluminium Panels

We offer a selection of lightweight and flexible corrugated sheets in a selection of perforated and non-perforated patterns that are primarily used for cladding applications within the architectural and construction industries.  We bring you specially sized panels to suit individual applications, including the smooth texture of natural anodised finishing and powder coated to the RAL range of colours.



Sheets and Plates

Aluminium sheets and plates are among the most extensively used metal products in the manufacturing of industrial equipment. The differences between a sheet and a plate lie in the thickness and flexibility. The sheets are rolled in coils while aluminium plates are rigid and used as flat plates.  Both sheets and plates are used in a wide range of applications from furniture to building and construction, automobile bodies and ships.




Coils and Strips

There are a wide range of uses for aluminium coils and strips due to high formability and corrosion-resistance.  Used in surgical equipment, ship-building, automobile bodies, and electrical enclosures among many others.







Foil Products

From everyday packaging foil to heavy duty industrial and construction foil products used for electrical and heat conductivity, Aluminium foil is highly pliable making it easy to wrap around objects.  Aluminium foil products are a staple in almost all industrial applications and are available in a range of alloys, gauges, and tempers.  


Floor Plates

Aluminium floor sheets and plates are corrosion and damage resistant to withstand severe use and abrasion ideal for buses, trucks and trains as well as loading bays, stair treads, catwalks and kick plates.






Aluminium Composite Panels

The perfect solution for architecture, building and construction among other industries, aluminium composite panels are lightweight, rust-free and easy to install.  They are also known as aluminium sandwich panels due to the two thin aluminium sheets attached to both sides of a polyethylene core sheet.







Painted Aluminium Sheets & Coils

Painted aluminium sheets are mainly used as covering, roofing, insulating panels, air ducts and rolling shutters as they are weather resistant and rust free.






Perforated Sheets

We bring you a selection of Perforated Aluminium Sheets in a range of popular patterns with round, square, slotted and decorative shaped hole patterns.We also offer standard and custom sizes of Perforated Panels, as well as Perforated metal mesh panels that can be fabricated to meet our customers’ unique requirements with return folds, plain borders, fixing holes, curved surfaces and coloured finishes.