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We offer a full range of extruded aluminium products including Bar, Angles, Tube, Channel and Special profiles.Our partnerships with some of the largest integrated extrusion manufacturing facilities, strategically located around Europe, North America, Central Asia and the Middle East, Tops Consultants are able to provide extruded aluminium products and related services to some of the world’s major industries.


Extruded Rod and Bar

The extrusion process for aluminum starts off with a heated aluminum billet that is pushed through a die of the required shape, or cross-sectional profile. Long bars of what is referred to as aluminium extruded bar stock result from this. This method is known as the process of aluminium extrusion.Our partnerships with only the very best aluminum extrusion mills enables us to offer an impressive, in-stock 6061 aluminum bar stock inventory.  


Extruded Angles

Extensively used for structural and architectural applications, we provide aluminium extruded angles in both anodised and untreated surface finishes. Available in 6061, 6063 and other alloys as well as heat treated to enhance strength making them light weight, recyclable and corrosion-resistant.We can also process these profiles to meet your individual needs including cutting to length, hole drilling, rolling and curving, welding etc. 



Extruded Channels & Tee

Tops consultants source and deliver the highest quality aluminum angles, tees and shapes.  These products offer a good substitute for steel when you need a solution that is a fraction of the weight. Aluminum angles, tees and shapes are also highly corrosion-resistant, which adds to its overall value.




Custom Extruded Shapes

An aluminum extrusion is created by heating the aluminum billet to temperatures ranging from 900°F to 925°.  It is then forced through a die that is usually custom manufactured to create the desired shape.We are able to provide custom aluminum extruded shapes in various aluminum alloys for a wide range of applications that require lightweight, durable, yet complex shapes. Tops Constants provide custom aluminum extrusions in unique shapes that meet a variety of specifications for our customers in construction, sports & recreation, aerospace, machinery, home décor and medical Equipment among many other industries.


Pipes and Tubing

Commonly referred to as pipes and tubes, or poles, aluminum pipe is easy to cut and drill, and can be welded successfully as opposed to steel and other metals.  Aluminium piping and tubing is commonly used in the production of frames, boat building, gardening products, various fabrications, and fittings.