Long Carbon Steel
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Long Carbon Steel :

Long steel products predominantly drive the infrastructure and building sectors and are utilised in structural applications for construction, transport, industrial equipment and machinery. Long steel products are available in hot rolled structural steel parts, beams, columns, channels, and angles in structural grades.







A steel beam or ‘I’ beam as it is commonly termed due to its shape is a structural steel product that is designed for heavy load support. Steel beams come in a range of sizes and styles, hence their various uses in construction and infrastructure. Structural specifications determine the geometry, scale, and shape of beams as these can be straight or curves.

Beams are available in British Sections known as Universal Columns or Universal Beams, European Sections (IPE, HEA, HEB, IPEAA etc), and Japanese Sections.




Channels Steel:

Channel is categorised into “C” and “U” forms with UPE and UPN for channel dimensions. UPE is for parallel flanges of the C channel steel, while UPN is for tapered flanges of U channel steel. We are able to offer a variety of steel channel sizes sourced throughout the world in both imperial and metric sizes, including British (PFC), European (UPN, UPE), Japanese channels both light weight and heavy weight.



Angles :


  We understand that steel angles are an ideal choice for construction projects and we have partnered with state-of the art mills engaged in the production of a wide range of steel angle profiles for building support to walkways. We are able to source equal, unequal angles, flat bars and square bars keeping your design requirement in mind.








Also known as reinforcing bar, steel rebar and mid steel reinforcing bar, rebar is used in a wide range of applications and is used essentially to aid structural support. We can source rebar that is malleable and strong, meeting recognised standards. Ensuring you achieve a premium finish to your projects every time.



Wire and Rod:

Steel rod, also commonly referred to as steel round, round, round bar, steel round bar, round metal bar or round metal stock, provides an essential, multipurpose solution for all your construction projects. One of the many adaptable steel profiles that we source at Tops Consultants, steel rods are important as structural support used in bridges, walkways and buildings. Steel wire and rod are both robust and ductile, an ideal choice for almost any everyday industrial projects. Shot blasting and priming are also available.


Pipes and Tubing:

Steel pipes and tubes are used to transport volume like water, petrochemicals as well as oil and gas. Steel tubes are available in round, square or rectangular shapes including ERW, EFW, Rectangular, Seamless and Welded for applications requiring strength, hygiene, corrosion resistance and/or heat resistance.