Flat Carbon Steel
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Thanks to our long-standing partnerships, we are also able to offer coil services to deliver coils, sheets, slits, or corrugated profile forms as well as Cut-to-Length,Slitting and Corrugation services for all our CR, GI, PPGI, and PPGL Products.


Hot Rolled Sheets, HRPO Steel Plates and Coils

It all begins with a billet, a long, rectangular piece of metal, that is heated and goes on to be pre-processed and flattened into a large roll. Roll-pressed at high temperatures above 1000°C, hot rolled steel is malleable and makes it easier to use in various forms, shapes and dimensions. Rolled steel is spun to make coils used as sheet metal which is further used in the manufacturing of automobile and truck bodies, airplane wings and fuselages, as well as roofing and other steel fittings such as cabinets, tables, doors and shelves. Other forms of hot rolled steel products are hot rolled ship building plates (LR; ABS; DNV; BV), hot rolled sheets and coils, as well as chequered hot rolled coils and sheets.Need coated or uncoated hot rolled carbon steel? We source hot rolled steels that meet the exact chemical and dimensional requirements of our customers.


Cold Rolled Coils and Sheets

Cold-formed steel products start out as hot-rolled steel that is further processed by rolling at room temperature to increase its strength and hardness and decrease its ductilities.

Cold Rolled steel products are used in manufacturing processes that require precision and accuracy.  Itl has a smoother, shinier surface and comes in a variety of surface finishes.  Used in manufacturing parts that require crimping, swaging or bending, as well as for shafts, gears, pinions and other mechanical parts that require detailing.  

Quite the opposite of hot-rolled steel, CR steel has an improved surface finish ideal for architectural design, furniture. home appliances and other consumer goods. 




Hot Dipped Galvanized Coils (GI)

The most common galvanization method where the steel is dipped into a bath of molten zinc causing an inseparable metallurgical bond between the steel and the coating that creates a barrier to elements that cause corrosion.  Hot dip GI steel offers strength and formability of steel with the corrosion-resistance of zinc.

We source hot dip galvanized steel in a wide range of metal grades and coating weights that are ideal for industrial application including automobiles, appliances, HVAC systems, architecture, construction and many more.


Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets in Coils (PPGI)

Typically made using hot dip zinc-coated(GI) steel or aluzinc/galvalume(AZ/GL), the coil is manufactured on a continuous paint coating line (CCL) where various layers of organic coatings are washed, pre-treated and applied on the surface of the metal.We are able to bring you color-coated material products  blending the strength and formability of steel with a corrosion resistant finish.PPGI steel and corrugated sheets, also known as pre-coated steel, is the perfect choice for roofing and walling in the building and construction industry; coated steels are also used in making exterior casings and chases, panels and motor parts etc for electrical appliances, agricultural equipment and vehicle parts.

Hot Dip Galvannealed Steel

GA Steel starts with hot dip galvanization similar to hot dip GI steel, however, it then goes on to the annealing step while the strip is still hot after the galvanization, with the zinc still in liquid form.  When compared to galvanized steel the surface is hard and brittle.  It is the preferred type of steel for the automotive industry and is also used in the construction of waste and linen chute systems.




Aluminized Type 1

From air-conditioning to architectural and automotive exhaust systems, Aluminized Type 1 products are carbon steel with a aluminium-silicon alloy coat that is applied during a hot-dipping process resulting in a lustrous appearance with heat resistant, anti-corrosion properties. Since aluminized steel can withstand high temperature and is corrosion-resistant it is used mainly in residential and commercial heating, ventilation and HVAC systems, home appliances and in automotive parts.




Aluminized Type 2

Aluminized Type 2 Steel products offer the strength of steel combined with the corrosion-resistance of aluminium.  It is durable and is mainly used in stormwater management systems.